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123s for Little Children Lite

Practise and Learn Counting

Count down to zero

2 games to choose from

123s for Little Children Lite is a simple number sequence game for children of pre-school age and older.

Starting by simply counting up from 1, it helps to build a child's confidence with numbers laying the foundation for later schoolwork.

123s for Little Children Lite is the free Lite version of 123s for Little Children which contains many more games and levels.

No reading ability is required to play the games and the child can choose his or her own path through the games at whatever pace they like.

The 2 games included are counting up from 1 to 10 and couting down from 10 to zero.

The visual menu system allows the game to be navigated without having to read, so individual games can be found simply by looking and touching.

Available now for iPhone and iPod Touch.

123s for Little Children Lite

This game is free!